Ask NOW: Are repairs on tap for 60th Street?

Feb. 5, 2014

Is there a rumor you've heard that you would like to track down? Is there something in the city — like playground equipment or a pothole — that needs to be fixed? Rick Romano answers some of the mysteries of life in Wauwatosa and helps solve everyday problems.

When will 60th Street near The Enclave apartments be repaired?

Issue: A reader asked about the need for 60th Street road repairs between State Street and Martha Washington Boulevard, and who will pay for the work.

"It was really torn up during construction of The Enclave," she wrote.

Status: The portion of 60th Street in question actually runs on the east side of The Enclave from State Street north and turns west into Martin Drive before it intersects with Martha Washington Boulevard. Wauwatosa Department of Public Works Director Bill Porter said the roads around the newer apartment complex are not in bad shape.

"I drive through that area and I have not noticed any major problems there," Porter said. "To my knowledge, the builder has made repairs to the street and property that occurred during construction."

Porter added that portion of 60th Street is in the city of Milwaukee. Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy said there are no plans to repair that street, noting he has not seen any immediate need.

"I have not received any calls regarding that, but if someone either in Wauwatosa or Milwaukee has a complaint, they can contact my office," Murphy said. "We could request that this be put on the list in 2016."

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