Ask NOW: How many vehicles can be in front of a home?

Dec. 7, 2011

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How many vehicles can be in front of a home?

Issue: A reader has noticed that many residents have multiple vehicles in front of their homes and wonders if the city has an ordinance against this.

Status: Wauwatosa Police Lt. Randolph Scott said residents aren't limited to a specific number of vehicles. But, all vehicles have to be parked on pavement, in working condition and registered.

"This is basically to keep people from junking vehicles in their yards," Scott said.

In addition, city ordinance prohibits commercial vehicles from being parked in residential neighborhoods, City Attorney Alan Kesner said. To report possible vehicle violations, residents should call the Police Department at (414) 471-8430. Violators may be given a warning and a timeframe to remove vehicle, or a citation.

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