Ask Now: Will the city ever collect recyclables on a weekly basis?

July 15, 2014

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Will the city ever collect recyclables on a weekly basis?

Issue: Our reader wants to know if the city will ever increase its biweekly collection schedule.

"My wife and I exceed the capacity of our bin several days before the next collection and by the looks of the bins from others in our neighborhood, they are in the same situation."

Status: Operations Superintendent Mike Kreiter said recyclable pickups will not increase in the foreseeable future, but offered a variety of tips, especially related to various containers.

"Cardboard boxes should be flattened out," Kreiter said. "This is especially true of milk cartons.

"Cans should be cut and flattened. Our crews tell us that most of the space taken up in the carts is from boxes and cans and any other containers that are not flattened."

He also said that if residents were to visit a recycling center, they would see how smaller cardboard pieces are easier to bundle off of the conveyer belts that transport materials.

If residents' best efforts to crush, squeeze and other otherwise flatten out recyclables does not solve the issue, they can take material to the recycling center at 11100 W. Walnut Rd. or alert the city.

"A supervisor will come out and assess the situation and, if it is needed, a second bin will be provided," Kreiter aid.

He estimated that approximately 100 out of more than 17,000 households have multiple recycling bins.

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