Ask NOW: Should recyclables be bagged?

July 2, 2012

Is there a rumor you've heard that you would like to track down? Is there something in the community that needs to get fixed? Mary Malahy explains some of the mysteries of life in the Tosa area.

Should recyclables be bagged?

Issue: A reader noticed that his neighbors put their recyclables in a plastic garbage bag and then put those bags in the cart. But, the reader simply puts the recyclables directly in the cart without a bag. He wants to know which way is correct.

Status: Mike Kreiter, operations superintendent with the Department of Public Works, said residents should put tall recyclables directly in the recycling carts, except for shredded paper, which may be placed in a bag. Putting other recyclable items in a bag makes it harder for the automatic sorting process.

"If the general public could see how advanced the sorting system is, they would be amazed," Kreiter said.

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