Ask NOW: What are the plans for Ronald McDonald House?

Aug. 22, 2012

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What are the plans for Ronald McDonald House?

Issue: The Ronald McDonald House is expanding and a reader wants to know when and where this expansion will take place. She is concerned that it will affect the dog park.

Status: Ann Petrie, CEO of the Ronald McDonald House, said that the expansion includes plans to add 37 additional guest rooms, remodel the kitchen and expand the parking lot. The expansion will begin in the spring around March or April, Petrie added.

She said the expansion will not affect the dog park as the dog park is not on the Ronald McDonald House land.

"We certainly are supportive of that dog park," Petrie said. "We don't see any reason that people wouldn't still be able to walk their dogs there after the expansion."

Project architect Robert Kramer confirmed that he project will not begin until next spring, and said the construction period will last about a year.

City planner Tammy Szudy said the project has received zoning approvals.

Development coordinator Karl Schreiber said a building permit has not yet been applied for. The expansion, which will add 30,000 square feet, has been approved by the Common Council.

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