Ask NOW: What can be done about barking dogs?

July 16, 2012

Is there a rumor you've heard that you would like to track down? Is there something in the community that needs to get fixed? Mary Malahy explains some of the mysteries of life in the Tosa area.

What can be done about barking dogs?

Issue: A reader complained that his neighbor has two dogs that bark excessively when kept outside and he wants to know what he can do about it.

Status: Wauwatosa Police Lt. Randolph Scott said that residents who are bothered by loud barking can contact the Police Department to report a noise violation.

Officers will then go to the property that was complained about and investigate, Scott said. But, when the officers arrive the problem has usually gone away or was nonexistent, he adds.

If there is a problem when the officers get to the property, they will check the history and see if the property has been complained about before, Scott said. If there is a history of complaints, the officers may issue a citation.

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