Ask NOW: What needs to happen with old garbage carts?

June 13, 2012

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New garbage cart has arrived; what to do with the old?

Issue: A reader received their new garbage cart and wants to know what to do with the old cart.

Status: Matt Groholski, operation supervisor for the Sanitation Department, said all residents received information by mail explaining what to do with the old-style garbage cart. The city began collecting the old carts the week of June 4 and the process was supposed to take a week or two, he added.

The city only picked up carts that were empty and placed on the curb.

Residents who wish to keep their old cart for yard waste should mark it yard waste and keep it in their yard away from the curb, Groholski added.

There is a good possibility the city could come back and collect the cart if a resident forgot to put it out on time, Groholski explained. Residents who still have an old cart and want to get rid of it should call (414) 471-8423 and request a pick-up.

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