Capitol Drive work in Wauwatosa should be done by Thanksgiving

Bridge over Grantosa Creek to include bike passage underneath

Sept. 24, 2013

For denizens of the north side of Wauwatosa accustomed to driving on Capitol Drive, it'll be a couple months until the construction is over.

Capitol, from Mayfair Road on the west to 84th Street on the east, has been under construction since mid-April. The city of Milwaukee is rebuilding the road and has already constructed a new bridge over Grantosa Creek.

When completed, the underpass of the bridge will include a bike path, allowing safe, traffic-free passage for students who live on the south side of Capitol to reach Divine Savior Holy Angels High School or Madison Elementary School.

One Milwaukee Public Works Department spokeswoman said the work was expected to be done by Thanksgiving.

The project, originally estimated at about $7 million, includes the $2.45 million cost of the new bridge. It is a joint venture between Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, with the state and federal governments picking up 90 percent of the costs, and the cities each paying 5 percent.

Wauwatosa Public Works Director William Porter said the project is led by Milwaukee, with Wauwatosa representatives attending some of the construction meetings. Tosa did utility work in advance of construction, storm and sanitary sewer pipe lining, and paid for a portion of the bridge, which lies on the border of the two cities, he said.

He said the city budgeted $400,000 for its portion of the bridge and $200,000 to line storm sewers in 2013, and $105,000 to line sanitary sewers in 2012.


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