Crosswalk at Glenview and Wisconsin to be quite noticeable

DOT plans safety improvements

Feb. 1, 2012

Residents living near Glenview Avenue have vehemently opposed widening the road, saying they are concerned that doing so will make the already busy intersection at Wisconsin Avenue more dangerous.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation brought plans for crosswalk and signal changes that should provide extra protection for pedestrians to the city's Traffic and Safety Committee on Tuesday.

A 20-foot-wide colored concrete crosswalk will be installed with a striped eight-foot crosswalk in the middle.

"It's really going to stand out in this area," said Tim Anheuser, consultant with Forward 45, which is working with the DOT on the Zoo Interchange reconstruction project.

Changes to the intersection are expected to happen in 2013; the DOT anticipates more traffic on local roads due to freeway construction.

Other improvements will include pedestrian push-buttons, traffic countdown signals that provide a longer walk time and demand-driven traffic lights. Instead of pre-timed signals, video technology will gauge traffic flow and trigger light changes.

Due to the overwhelming response by the residents and schools in the area, Anheuser brought the crosswalk plan to the city before finishing the final design. The committee voted in unanimous support of the changes.


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