Hart Park's new splash pad goes dry ... for now

June 19, 2012

As the temperatures reach the 90s, a water feature that could provide some fun and relief from the heat is out of commission.

The splash pad at the new Hart Park playground is not in operation in an effort to conserve water, said Ken Walbrant, parks and forestry superintendent.

The control panel that was installed doesn't have a timer.

"It's just running constantly if it's turned on," Walbrant said.

It can be turned on manually, but that requires staff oversight.

The splash pad was turned on for a portion of the day Saturday during HartFest, but since then it has been dormant.

Contractors have contacted the manufacturer and a control pad with a timer and automatic shut off are on order. However, with delivery time and installation, it will be a matter of weeks before kids can run through the mini geysers.

Alderman Jason Wilke, who sits on the Parks and Forestry Board, urged staff to consider turning on the splash pad Wednesday night for the opening concert in the Tosa Tonight series. With the heat and number of people who come to the park for the music, it would be a shame not to have the water feature available, he said during a board meeting Tuesday.


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