Robbers make off with $2,000 in school money and more

June 18, 2012

Two men were robbed at gunpoint as they were leaving a house party in 10700 block of West Keefe Avenue in Wauwatosa last week.

One of the two robbers involved went through one of the victim's pants pockets and took $2,000 in cash, which the victim later said was from a check he had just cashed to pay school bills.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The men, who are cousins, had walked to the end of the house's driveway about 7:43 p.m. June 14 when two masked men armed with semi-automatic handguns appeared from the wooded area across the street.

One of the robbers said "you know what time it is." Scared they would be shot, the victims handed over their wallets and cellphones and laid on the driveway before one of the robbers checked the victims for more.

A woman driving by asked what was going on, and one robber said something to the effect of "they see us, shoot them."

Both victims said the robbers had guns to their heads and pulled the triggers but other than clicking sounds nothing happened. The robbers then ran back to the woods.


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