This Week in Tosa History: March 10

March 12, 2014


· The fair young thing who was entertaining some returned soldiers at tea time thought she'd give a little lesson in manners to one doughboy who poured his tea into his saucer before he drank it. "It's really not so very hot," she told him condescendingly. "You could drink it out of your cup." He replied, "It ain't the heat, miss. If I use the cup, the spoon gets in me eye."

· The legislature is going to take up the question of reimbursing Indians of Wisconsin for the use of the "school lands" and "swamp lands" and the timber, which was cut from reservation lands.


· Louis C. Briska, 3740 N. 101st St., told City Hall this week that a city snow plow not only cleaned out the snow along his property but also took part of his wooden fence. He asked $19.70 for repairs.

· You could get any shading of opinion by walking amid the fire crowd in the Village the night the Lefeber building burned. Here are two expressions heard: "If the department can't save a building a half-block from the station, why do we need paid firemen?" And: "What's the matter with those guys working to put out that fire? Best thing that could happen is to burn it down tonight when there's no danger of the fire spreading."


· A children's amphitheater will be built at the Milwaukee County Zoo and named after Wauwatosa's 4-year-old Jon Port. Port was killed Dec. 27 in Greenfield after the car in which he was riding was struck by a drunken driver. The child's death has spurred a statewide effort to tighten drunken driving laws.

· A 26-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested March 6 for theft after he admitted to bilking $162 out of a gas station attendant at Dick's Mobil Station, 12331 W. North Ave. The man used a quick-change scam on the attendant, police said, and stole the money after he asked for change in a number of transactions.

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