This Week in Tosa History: March 24

March 26, 2014


· A fire that broke out in the basement of the Paul Godfrey home, 1641 N. 70th St., did about $3,200 worth of damage to the duplex. The flames broke out in the basement and worked into the second floor. Mrs. W.A. Graham, 79, was in her second-story room and was carried down a ladder to safety. Mrs. Otto Behm, who was in the other side of the duplex, also got out safely. The Behms had been living there only two weeks.

· Brickbats flew thick and fast at times during the Public Service Commission hearing on extending the bus lines in Wauwatosa. A well-known city attorney in the midst of the dither exclaimed, "Counsel always tries to read my mind, and he reads it wrong." Upon which the mind-reading attorney commented, "Well, if I could, what I'd read would be lost to posterity."


· Members of the Wauwatosa Young Republican Club will parade through the streets Saturday afternoon and the reason is to advertise their spring dance, to be held at the recreational building April 11. Young republicans have been scouring the city during the last week seeking convertibles for the parade.

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· The world of banking for women will be explored March 27th, when the 20th Century Topic Club has the program "Who Holds the Purse Strings?" The speaker will be Mrs. Donald Gerczak of the Marshall and Iisley bank of Milwaukee.

· Thieves struck cars in two auto dealers' lots in Wauwatosa last week. An AM-FM-CB radio was stolen from the dashboard of a car parked in the Frascona lot. Police patrols discovered the theft when they saw the emergency flashers of the car blinking. Losses totaled $600. Police discovered a spare tire worth $110 had been stolen from another car.

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