This Week in Tosa History: May 19

May 20, 2014


·From the Editor: Why food costs so much. At present time, eastern newspapers are blaming the farmer for the increased cost of food. But the real reason lies not in the rise of farm prices but in the monopoly of the food industry by a few corporations. The amount of power concentrated in the hands of a few big processors is amazing. The city worker may be getting it in the neck as food prices increase, but it's not the farmer who is profiting.

·Owner to fisherman: "Don't you know you're not allowed to take fish out of this water?" Angler (three hours without a catch): "I'm not taking them out, I'm feeding them."


·From Our Town editorial column: If the YMCA wonders why its calendar of coming events failed to get into the paper on a recent week, we can explain. The post office, it seems, takes a dim view of speeding the delivery of letters when people forget to put stamps on them. It cost Phil Knight 5 cents to see his envelope. "That's the amount of postage due I had to pay," he said.

·From the Editor: Three years ago, this editor remarked that a man's religion shouldn't be a factor in a presidential race. For 1964, I'll now say that a man's divorce shouldn't be a political issue. I would be naive if I thought Republicans could nominate Nelson Rockefeller next year and not have the New York governor's divorce and remarriage be an issue. But remember this: Virtually no mention of Sen. Proxmire's divorce has been made during his campaign.


·About 5 p. m. May 10, police took three Wauwatosa boys into custody after they allegedly unhooked a boxcar on a freight train, delaying the train one hour and causing about $100 damage to the boxcar. The boys were caught after the railroad crew investigated problems with braking the 100-car train. The boys were released to their parents.

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