Voter turnout in Wauwatosa hits nearly 30 percent

Aug. 13, 2014

Wauwatosa's voter turnout Tuesday was nearly 30 percent, with 9,833 of 32,936 registered voters in the city casting ballots.

Ninety percent of Wauwatosa voters who marked a party preference chose Democratic candidates, while most others chose Republicans and five selected the Constitution party, according to unofficial results Tuesday.

Wauwatosa voters didn't have contested primaries for any of their state or federal lawmakers.

Republican State Sen. Leah Vukmir, Democrat State Rep. Frederick Kessler, and Republican State Reps. Dale Kooyenga and Robb Hutton will move on to the general election Nov. 4. Republican U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner will face a challenge from Democrat Chris Rockwood.

Wauwatosa vote totals:

Democratic party

·Governor: 4,470 for Mary Burke, 2,752 for Brett Hulsey, 12 write-in

·Lieutenant Governor: 2,916 for John Lehman, 2,251 for Mary Jo Walters, 22 write-in

·Attorney General: 2,352 for Susan Happ, 861 for Ismael Ozanne, 2,530 for Jon Richards, 23 write-in

·Secretary of State: 4,385 for Doug La Follette, 55 write-in

·State Treasurer: 1,804 for Dave Leeper, 2,374 for David Sartori, 28 write-in

·U.S. Representative, District 5: 3,854 for Chris Rockwood, 44 write-in

·State Senator, District 5: 367 write-in

·State Representative, District 12: 183 for Frederick Kessler, one write-in

·State Representative, District 13: 128 write-in

·State Representative, District 14: 145 write-in

·County Sheriff: 4,251 for Chris Moews, 4,414 for David Clarke, two write-in

·Clerk of Circuit Court: 4,246 for John Barrett, 52 write-in

·County Treasurer: 1,708 for Dawn Marie Sass, 3,316 for David Cullen, 23 write-in

Wauwatosa vote totals:

Republican party

·Governor: 848 for Scott Walker, one write-in

·Lieutenant Governor: 808 for Rebecca Kleefisch, one write-in

·Attorney General: 746 for Brad Schimel, one write-in

·Secretary of State: 502 for Julian Bradley, 199 for Garey Bies

·State Treasurer: 538 for Matt Adamczyk, 181 for Randall Melchert, one write-in

·U.S. Representative, District 5: 764 for James Sensenbrenner, two write-in

·State Senator, District 5: 670 for Leah Vukmir, two write-in

·State Representative, District 12: 13 write-in

·State Representative, District 13: 322 for Rob Hutton

·State Representative, District 14: 296 for Dale Kooyenga

·County Sheriff: 119 write-in

·Clerk of Circuit Court: 42 write-in

·County Treasurer: 42 write-in

An earlier version of this story had incorrect figures for the total number of voters and voter turnout. We regret the error.


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