Wauwatosa Ask Now: Curb extensions are part of the plan for North Avenue

Aug. 13, 2014

Is there a rumor you've heard that you would like to track down? Is there something in the city — like playground equipment or a pothole — that needs to be fixed? Rick Romano answers some of the mysteries of life in Wauwatosa and helps solve everyday problems.

What is the status of the pedestrian "jut outs" on North Avenue?

Issue: A reader asked us to look into the details of the North Avenue road construction project between 60th and 76th Streets. He focused on the curbs that extend into the street at many of the intersections. He said he thought the original plan was to eliminate those extended curbs.

"Looking at the reconstruction as it progresses it now appears that these jut-outs will not be eliminated, just cut in half," he said. "Why the change in plans?"

Status: City Engineer Bill Wehrely said there was no change in plans, adding that the work always intended to keep the extensions, but reduce them to accommodate new five-foot-wide bike lanes in both directions.

The project also includes colored pedestrian crosswalks; enhanced bike lanes and rapid flashing beacons at the 73rd Street school crossing; replacement of the 58th street traffic signals; and underground utility repairs.

Wehrley said paving is scheduled for this month.

"We are scheduled to pave the main driving lanes on Aug. 17 with a rain date of Aug. 24," he said. Both days are Sundays.

Parking lanes will be paved in fall, he said.

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