Ehley’s record proves that she is ready to lead Wauwatosa

March 21, 2012

Public Forum:

I had the pleasures of serving on the City Council for almost 10 years and working with two very good mayors in that time. Strong leadership in the mayor's office is critical to keeping Wauwatosa the strong community it is, and moving forward on many fronts.

The mayor helps set a vision for our city, establishes priorities and initiatives, prepares an executive budget (in conjunction with key staff), serves as the spokesperson for the city on many issues and helps set the tone for public discussion and debate at the council, committee and board meetings.

Kathy Ehley has demonstrated her commitment to this community in her many volunteer and professional endeavors over the years. She has shown the ability to motivate others to become involved, has listened to many points of view, worked toward consensus, helped set a course of action and then taken action to move this community forward. She has risen to a leadership position in a variety of settings. It is obvious that others involved in the organizations see in Kathy the leadership qualities that will advance their agenda.

Kathy, her husband and partners invested in a commercial property in the Village that is a model for additional investors. She has led the Village Business Improvement District as the Village has flourished and attracted exciting new businesses that enhance our community.

We are fortunate that Kathy has made a commitment to another important leadership role in Wauwatosa. As an independent, she will have the ability to work with all parties to advance Wauwatosa's interests in these very divided times. When you examine her record of service to this community, it is clear that Kathy Ehley is ready to lead our city forward as the next mayor of Wauwatosa.

Tim Casey



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