Donegan proved his abilities by supporting sewer work

March 21, 2012

Public Forum:

On April 3, Wauwatosa voters will choose between two decent people running for mayor. To us, Peter Donegan is the candidate who not only has the knowledge to get things done within city government, but also the management experience, the toughness and fairness to actually get things done.

Sewer backups have occurred numerous times in our neighborhood. We and our neighbors have incurred great expense along with real and potential loss of property value. These backups certainly had an environmental impact beyond our immediate area. Years ago, the city identified the need for repairs in our area. City engineers believed the problem could actually be fixed; yet, the project moved toward reality at a glacial pace. On the city council, Pete Donegan supported our efforts for action. He brought a consistent, effective focus to our problem and to infrastructure problems affecting many areas of the city. The overdue repairs in our area are now expected to start later this spring.

Obviously, these repairs are of great importance to us and our neighbors. Beyond our personal concern, infrastructure work like this is essential for the property values and the environmental well-being of our whole city. Based on our experience, Peter Donegan is the mayoral candidate with proven ability to accomplish what the city needs within the fiscal constraints it has.

Randall Daut and Patricia Ryan



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