Jay will work for lower taxes, smart governance

March 21, 2012

Public Forum:

Four years ago I decided to run for 3rd District alderwoman when the city was discussing the possibility of starting to tax nonprofit retirement facilities like San Camillo. With many of Wisconsin's seniors moving to states with no income taxes, we did not need to give our seniors another reason to move out of Wauwatosa, away from their families and friends.

For the past four years I have worked to find ways for the city of Wauwatosa to spend less of our money instead of raising taxes on the residents of our fine city. I would like to have a decrease in our tax rates because of increased economic development within our city and wise decisions by city government.

During that time I have also been able to serve many people in southwestern Wauwatosa. I have helped people with trash and recycling issues, speeding problems on residential streets and property complaints.

I have advocated against a Regional Transit Authority, which would be an unelected taxing authority for public transit. An RTA would probably mean trains, increased traffic congestion on our roads, because of fewer lanes for cars, and higher taxes. I have been a strong supporter of voter ID and wanted the people to be able to vote on these issue.

On April 3, I am running for re-election as your 3rd District alderwoman. I will continue to work to lower your taxes and to represent and serve the 3rd District. I ask for your vote on Election Day.

Jacqueline S. Jay

3rd District alderwoman


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