Ehley has professional, personal traits a mayor needs

Published on: 3/21/2012

Public Forum:

I am pleased to express my support for Kathy Ehley's candidacy for Wauwatosa mayor. As the former executive director of the Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce, I came to know Kathy over many projects that the chamber and the Village Business Improvement District worked collaboratively together to create for the public.

In the last few months, I also served on Wauwatosa's Educational Foundation Board under Kathy's presidency. To every project, Kathy brings the rich experience of her multifaceted career in leadership positions. She understands urban development, governance and budgeting issues. But perhaps most importantly, Kathy treats everyone with whom she works with genuine respect for their viewpoint, as well as their talents. She is a leader who empowers and encourages others to engage in the work of a given project. Wauwatosa is very lucky to have someone such as Kathy Ehley step up with a willingness to serve our community.

Meg McKenna