Jeffrey Kroll will make great District 1 alderman

Published on: 3/28/2012

Public Forum:

I would like to endorse Jeffrey Kroll for 1st District alderman. Jeffrey has lived in Wauwatosa all his life and has a deep sense of civic pride, coupled with a responsibility to make a difference. Jeffrey is a friendly, easy-going guy that will connect with the residents and the neighborhood associations. He will be there when people call and respond to their needs in an impartial and timely manner.

Jeffrey has worked with a variety of volunteer organizations and now wants to give back to his community. Professionally he works as a professor of sociology at Waukesha County Technical College, where he engages in classes like critical-thinking. It is that knowledge, principles and decision-making that sets him apart.

As the current alder, I know that you can't possibly know all the aspects of city government. The ingredients for being a good alderperson are having a love of learning, being a person who takes enjoyment out of helping people and standing by your principles. I believe that Jeffrey has all those elements and will make a great alderman.

That is why I am endorsing Jeffrey Kroll for alderman of the 1st District.

Alderwoman Linda Z. Nikcevich