Jim ‘Luigi’ Schmitt deserves another term as Milwaukee County supervisor

March 21, 2012

Public Forum:

As election time approaches, I would like to give my best regards to Wauwatosa NOW for the excellent and balanced reporting of the candidates.

I have lived in Wauwatosa for 50 years and have been very involved in the community at most levels. There is one candidate I feel needs to be recognized for his continuing outstanding service and his community services to the many organizations in our community. I have found him to be an extremely well-informed county supervisor.

I have, or still do, belong to five organizations in Wauwatosa. If I have ever needed assistance in things like serving food at a fundraiser, filling in as an emergency emcee, helping to move tables at an event or provide an explanation or answer about decisions being made at the county level, Supervisor James "Luigi" Schmitt either has provided the necessary help or given an answer or suggestions to give me a source to go to for accurate information. He is available to those of us in the 6th District even when it is not an election year.

Being closely involved in our community, Luigi has firsthand knowledge that he can use in making intelligent decisions.

James "Luigi" Schmitt is once again asking to be re-elected as our 6th District Milwaukee County supervisor. There are politicians, and then there are citizens that become a part of the politics of our city and county because they care about the quality of life for us and their own family. I will vote for Supervisor Schmitt, and I thank him for all his support of the issues I have felt were needed for our city and county.

Joan Riggin



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