Auto parts business a bad fit for North Avenue parcel

March 14, 2012

Public Forum:

This letter is in response to the proposed development of an O'Reilly Auto Parts store in the vacated Blockbuster site at 62nd Street and North Avenue.

I believe the vision of a North Avenue Business District has been clearly laid out in the East Tosa Development Plan and, unfortunately, an O'Reilly Auto Parts Store is not the type of business the surrounding neighborhoods need in that space.

While I am a staunch supporter of property owners' rights, I base my opposition to this choice of business based on the opportunity we have as a community to really put a foothold into the East Tosa Development Plan. The opportunity this vacated space presents is vital to the businesses lining North Avenue. A lot of work has gone into the East Tosa Development Plan, and to so quickly dismiss its intent by allowing this business to fill such an important space would truly be irresponsible on the part of our elected officials and the city committees reviewing this lot.

While nobody wants a parcel to remain vacant, a little restraint and some patience may be the best course of action at this time.

John Sandvik



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