Past co-workers see Donegan’s potential to improve government

March 21, 2012

Public Forum:

We, the undersigned, are previous employees of Milwaukee Insurance Co. and its core Operations Division that was led by Pete Donegan as its vice president. We are also longtime residents of Wauwatosa and, so, take a great deal of interest in this mayoral election.

We have heard both candidates agree that the city faces very difficult financial times and will be challenged to continue delivering the current level of services. Donegan makes the case that city government must undertake a "transformation" of organization and culture and become capable of "delivering more with less."

One of Donegan's many credentials for the mayoral position is extensive business management experience including, specifically, that he "led such a transformation in an organization similar in size to our city government and achieved success."

In that statement, Pete was referring to our division at Milwaukee Insurance and we are here to confirm that claim as true. Our organization was failing both in revenue and profitability when Pete rose to its VP. Our "transformation" was dramatic; we went on to achieve sustained success and had some fun along the way. During Pete's seven years heading the division, he had a high impact and was a highly respected leader, and we are confident that Wauwatosa's prospects will be greatly improved under his leadership.

We enthusiastically encourage you to vote for Pete Donegan for mayor.

Lynn Cornwell


Dan Mancini


Dave Thuli


Dave Wulff



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