Donegan’s courage, knowledge needed in Tosa

Feb. 15, 2012

Public Forum:

The next four years will be very challenging for our city government. Precious little new development and state legislation will result in flat revenue for at least the next few years. Preserving the quality of our services is no longer a given and will hinge on the performance of our employees and the evaluations and decisions of our leaders.

That is why I was extremely pleased when Pete Donegan stepped up to run for mayor. I have served on the Common Council with Pete for the past four years, and I know him to be dedicated to service and to the quality of life in Wauwatosa. His grasp of city function and finance exceeds that of any other alderperson. He has displayed courage and relentless determination on difficult and sensitive issues.

Pete's leadership was pivotal on some of our most important achievements over the past few years, including the reduction of employee benefit costs, the increase in our investment in infrastructure; the renovation of Hart Park athletic fields and the restructuring of our economic development effort.

Pete's career of successful business management is just what the doctor calls for in City Hall. This, along with Pete's great relationship with the city administrator, causes me to expect rapid, positive change. In my view, this leadership team represents our best chance to get through this difficult period unscarred, and I enthusiastically encourage you to vote for Pete Donegan for mayor on Feb. 21 and April 3.

Michael Walsh

alderman, 5th District

chairman, Budget and Finance Committee


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