July 18, 2016

Milwaukee Zoo Interchange road projects

Check back for updates


Current I-94 closures: Lanes will be closed eastbound at 84th Street overnight July 21 and 22; lanes will be closed westbound at 68th Street overnight July 21

Long-term I-94 closures: Eastbound lane closed from Sunnyslope Road to Highway 100 through October 2016

Current I-41/894 closures: A southbound lane will be closed overnight July 21 and 22 between National and Cleveland avenues

Long-term I-41/894 closures: Northbound lane between National and Greenfield avenues, through October

Long-term ramp closures: Greenfield Avenue on-ramp to northbound I-41/894 through late July/early August; Lincoln and National avenue on-ramps and Highway 100 on-ramp to northbound I-41/894 closed through October; Bluemound Road on-ramp to northbound I-41 closed through late December; Bluemound Road on-ramp to southbound I-41 closed through late August 2017; no access from the Watertown Plank Road eastbound on-ramp to I-41 southbound to the Zoo Interchange north to east system ramp through June 2017; I-94 westbound off-ramps to Highway 100 closed through late November 2017; ramp closed from eastbound I-94 to southbound I-41/894 through late November 2017; I-41 northbound off-ramp onto Bluemound; Road closed through late April 2018; The northbound off-ramp of I-41 onto Greenfield Avenue late July; eastbound I-41/894 off-ramp to Highway 100through late July

Current street closures: National Avenue between 56th and 59th streets closed July 19 and will remain closed until Aug. 2; 100th Street from the Zoo Tunnel to Schlinger Avenue the morning of July 21 and 22

Long-term street closures: Westbound Fairview Avenue between 116th Street and Curtis Road through late July; Wisconsin Avenue between 97th and 99th streets through early August; Center Street between 112th and 115th streets through late August; 112th Street at Center Street through late August; 114th Street at Center Street through late August; eastbound Fairview Avenue from 118th to 116th streets through late 2016; Wisconsin Avenue from 95th to 97th streets through late May 2017; Schlinger Avenue under I-41/894 through early summer 2018; Wisconsin Avenue between 93rd and 95th streets through mid-August

Long-term lane closures: A lane of Curtis Road closed in both directions at I-94 through August

Information available from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation available through Sunday. For additional information, go to projects.511wi.gov/zoo-interchange-project. The schedule is weather dependent.