Scorecard: May 18

May 18, 2010


Tosa West Baseball Club

Breitlow Field, May 1

BOYS, 7-8

OVERALL: Mitch Alba (Franklin), PITCH CHAMPION: Tyler Schumacher (Wauwatosa); HIT CHAMPION: Ben Kraft (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: Tyler Schumacher (Wauwatosa).

Age 9-10

OVERALL: Dan Belknapp (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Noah Katula (Wauwatosa), HIT CHAMPION: Dan Belknapp (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: Dan Belknapp (Wauwatosa).

Age 11-12

OVERALL: Dan Scallon (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Dan Scallon (Wauwatosa); HIT CHAMPION: Scott MacGillis (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: J.J. Morgan (Wauwatosa).

Age 13-14

OVERALL: Wilson Belknapp (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Anthony Offerman (Wauwatosa), HIT CHAMPION: Wilson Belknapp (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: Ryan Kelnhofer (Wauwatosa).

GIRLS, 7-8

OVERALL: Molly Belknapp (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Molly Belknapp (Wauwatosa); HIT CHAMPION: Molly Belknapp (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: Molly Belknapp (Wauwatosa).

Age 9-10

OVERALL: Kirsten Miller (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Kirsten Miller (Wauwatosa), HIT CHAMPION: Kirsten Miller (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: Olivia Greener (Wauwatosa).

Age 11-12

OVERALL: Libby Dennik (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Morgan Schmanski (Wauwatosa); HIT CHAMPION: Korrin Harris (Brown Deer), RUN CHAMPION: Libby Dennik (Wauwatosa).

Age 13-14

OVERALL: Alexanda Heyer (Wauwatosa), PITCH CHAMPION: Alexanda Heyer (Wauwatosa), HIT CHAMPION: Alexanda Heyer (Wauwatosa), RUN CHAMPION: Alexanda Heyer (Wauwatosa).

Winners advance to the sectional on June 12 in Greenfield.


Tosa Flyers 5, Tosa Pirates 4 - With a hat trick by Logan Ertl and one score each from Nora Clossey and William Meyer, the Flyers continue their undefeated season. Strong passing from Patrick Kirkpatrick, Jack Clossey, Teddy Anagnostopolous and Katherine Fink along with tough defense from Evan Flierl, Ryan Piontek and Angelo Cicatello all led to a great effort.


Fastpitch Softball Minors

Comets 16, Belles 1 - The bats really came alive in the second game of the season, but also impressive was the great defensive showing. Madison Crump started a four-run rally in the second. The defense held in the first three innings with Emily Becker pitching out of one jam after another. Liz Mintner banged out a solid single in the fourth to start a wild seven-running inning with Sarah Lessila, Meghan Erickson and Maggie Kelnhofer each knocking in two RBIs. Margaret Radske pitched a 1-2-3 final fifth inning to close out the game. Lessila drove in 5 RBIs.




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