Scorecard: July 29

Published on: 7/28/2010

Wauwatosa Recreation League Standings


World League

Catfish 12, Wild Things 10 - The Catfish withstood a furious comeback by the Wild Things at a sweltering Cooper Field on July 6, clinging on for a 12-10 win. Once again the Catfish pitchers were anchored by solid innings from Taylor and Parker Esswein, Rory Pulz and Nate Hemze. The Catfish bats finally came alive, led by Jonathan Baumler, Calin Volcensek and Joseph Greenholt. A stellar play at second base late in the game by Andrew Casey preserved a win for the upstart Catfish.

Whitecaps' results - After losing, 3-2, to the Snappers on July 12, the Whitecaps bounced back with two victories. They beat the Wood Chucks, 19-2, July 15 and the Bullfrogs, 12-0, Saturday.

American League

Orioles 18, Tigers 3 - The Orioles (8-3-1) had good overall team effort to beat the first-place Tigers on July 13. The game featured good pitching by Scott MacGillis, Jake Brophey and Nick Price. Home runs by John Kloser, Eric DeBord and Tyler Klossowski added to the total. Gabe Fisch and Matt Smrz added singles and Jonas Wojtas added an RBI to the winning effort. Great catch by Hudson Schram in the bottom of the fourth inning to hold the Tigers to three scoreless innings.

Orioles 16, Mariners 10 - The Orioles had a high-scoring game against the Mariners on July 1. The game included doubles by Eric DeBord, Eric Winter and Jake Brophey and singles by Matt Smrz and Leo Hodel. Matt Thompson helped out on defense with an unassisted double play in the top of the third.

Orioles 12, Rays 4 - The Orioles won a good game against the Rays on July 2. Good pitching by Nick Price in the first and fourth innings helped seal the win.

Red Sox 11, Orioles 9 - The Orioles lost a tough game to the Red Sox on July 8. The Orioles had doubles in the second inning by Tyler Klossowski, Nick Price and Eric DeBord. Catcher Hudson Schram had a nice force-out to second baseman Matt Thompson in the third.

Orioles 13, Rangers 7 - The Orioles (7-3-1) came back after a loss the previous night and worked together well as a team to beat the Rangers on July 9. The game included great pitching by Nick Price and Scott MacGillis. The Orioles had three home runs in the game, by Scott MacGillis, Jake Brophey and John Kloser. Leo Hodel added a single with the game-winning two RBIs in the top of the fifth.

Orioles 18, White Sox 6 - The Orioles showed strong overall team effort with solid hitting, pitching and defense against the White Sox on July 15 at Breitlow Field.

Orioles 13, Rays 9 - The Orioles (10-3-1) finished out the regular season with a strong performance against a good Rays team July 20 at Breitlow. Good pitching held the Rays to two scoreless innings while the offense started out with five runs in the bottom of the first. Key hits by Leo Hodel, Matt Smrz and Jonas Wojtas in the bottom of the fourth added three more runs. Orioles pitchers hit three Rays batters on wild pitches but showed good sportsmanship by stopping play to shake each hit batsman's hand at first base.

Minors Division

Tosa Comets 19, Whitnall Purple 3 - Everything came together for the Comets in this game. They had an offensive explosion, scoring 19 runs. In the second, the Comets' Emily Becker crushed a three-run double. Kat Terwelp knocked in two for the Comets in the third, and Becker, Meghan Erickson and Maggie Kelnhofer each knocked in two for the Comets in the fourth. Great pitching and defense held the Purple team to three runs.

Tosa Comets 18, Whitnall Light Blue 17 - The Light Blues started the game on a tear, scoring seven runs in the first inning and shutting out the Comets in the bottom of the inning. The LBs kept adding to the lead with the Comets mostly keeping pace. Then in the bottom of the ninth, down nine, the Comets staged a rally scoring 10 times. The Comets' Kat Terwelp started the scoring with a two-run shot, and Allie Kuhn knocked in the final three runs for the Comets with a scorching double.

Tosa Comets 14, Whitnall Red 5 - The Whitnall Red held the Comets scoreless for the first two innings. The Comets' Sarah Lessila knocked in their first run in the top of the third. That opened the lid with the Comets scoring four runs in the fourth and seven in the fifth, with Mariana Ibanez-Baldor crushing a three-run triple. The Comet's Margaret Radske and Allie Kuhn combined and thwarted a stealing attempt at third for the first time.

Tosa Comets 16, Whitnall Maroon 11 - The Maroon started out strong, taking a five to three run into the third. Then the Comets started to take control. Mariana Ibanez-Baldor was a one-girl scoring machine, knocking in a total of seven runs in the game, the highlight being a three-run triple.

Tosa Comets 11, Tosa Robins 6 - Defense was the name of the game at the start. The Comets' Emily Becker wiggled off the hook again, striking out two to leave the Robins with the bases loaded and no runs in the first. The Comets only scored once in first two innings. The Comets' Gabby Isham made a great throw from third to throw out the batter, helping to keep the Robins to two runs. The Comets took control in the fourth, scoring six times with Margo Lipscomb and Margaret Radske knocking in two each.


Monday Men's - Colonel Hart's (Meuren) 11-1, Leffler Cleaning 9-3, Clary's Cleaners/Efreight Courier 7-5, Leff's Villagers 7-5, inet creative genius 5-7, Leff's (Schuhart) 5-7, Chancery 4-8, Mad Daddy's 0-12

Tuesday Men's Church - Our Redeemer (Miller) 8-3, St. Pius X, 7.5-3.5, St. Bernard 6-5, Our Redeemer (Demski) 5.5-3.5, Broken Yolk 5-5, First Congregational 4.5-4.5, Mount Carmel Lutheran 3.5-6.5, St. Matthew's 1-10

Wednesday Men's Red - Leff's Miller High Life 8.5-1.5, Leff's (Brand) 8.5-2.5, Bski Luvwear/Col. Hart's 6-4, Schmidt & Bartelt 6-4, Ricky's Excavating 5.5-4.5, Great Midwest Bank 3-7, Kusek's Kids 2-8, Bluemound Bowl 0.5-8.5

Thursday Men's Open - Bangin Pitches 9-1, Paragon 7.5-3.5, Aura All-Stars 7-3, Dino'z 7-4, Leff's Blackouts 5.5-5.5, Sluggo's 4-6, Whiterock Exercise 2-9, O'Sullivan's 0-10

Friday Men's Open - Riedel Sports Wood Ticks 9-1, Smitty's 9-1, Colonel Hart's Bombers 6-4, Club Paragon Gators 5-5, Kelly's Bleachers 4-6, Granitz Financial 4-6, Sir Gregory's Pub 2-8, Slump Busters 1-9

Monday Co-ed - Paratech/Krinn's 10.5-0.5, Northwestern 7-2, Shirts & Skins 7-3, Foreign Bodies 7-3, Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church 5.5-3.5, Son of Pitches 5.5-4.5, O'Sullivan's 5-5, Sluggo's Rookies 5-5, Sluggo's (Lahr) 4-5, HayBalers 3.5-6.5, Buffalo Wild Wings 3-7, Luther Manor 1-10, Encore 0-9

Tuesday Men's Open - LT 10-1, Leff's (Collentine) 9-2, Club Tap 6-3, Bethany/Calvary 6-5, Leff's State Street Shuffle 5-5, The Family 4-7, Painted Parrot 1-9, Bunzel's Meat 0-9

Wednesday Men's Blue - Leftovers 7-2, Direct Supply 5.5-2.5, Leff's (Reid) 5.5-3.5, Colonel Hart's (Steffes) 5-4, One Hitter's 5-4, Colonel Hart's (Benedict) 3.5-5.5, Leff's (Michelz) 2.5-5.5, Colonel Hart (Groeschl) 1-8

Thursday Men's 'A' - Schmidt & Bartelt/Catalano Prod 8-2, Leff's Dojo 8-3, Leff's/Riedel Sports 7.5-3.5, Vince Ingrelli Plumbing 6.5-3.5, Leff's (Devine) 4-6, Milwaukee Knights 4-6, Red Dinasaurs 4-7, Frenchies Fantastics 0-11