June 26, 2012


American Division

Twins 18, A's 17 - The A's got off to a great start with four runs in the top of the first. In the bottom of the first, pitcher Richard Bauer had a 1-2-3 inning. In the sixth, Andrew Casey slammed a two-run homer. The final inning was a struggle, failing to get a clutch hit and losing by one run.

Orioles 13, Royals 5 - The Orioles bounced back from their first loss, scoring runs in each inning for the win. Offensive highlights were provided by Ben Tarrence and Ollie Clausen - Tarrence hitting a towering two-run home run to right center in the second and Clausen following in the third with a solo home run of his own, a laser hit to right field. Michael Kiesling had a broken bat (yes, broken aluminum bat) single to drive in a run in the seventh. Carson Dodge and Michael Erickson each provided defensive highlights from behind the plate as each gunned down Royals runners attempting to steal second base. Haydn Berg made a running catch in left center and then connected with Nick Zunk covering second to record a great double play.

Twins 11, Angels 10 - The Angels fought back from an 8-1 deficit to a 10-10 tie game in the top of the sixth inning on June 20 at Helfaer Field. Tyler Kaiser and Carter Crouch both displayed outstanding defense catching soaring fly balls at first and third, respectively. Spencer Whitlock connected for a triple with an RBI. Max Finco also had an RBI. Reed Thompson had a double and a single. Abe Murphy, Ben Didier and Crouch each singled.

Angels 11, Athletics 8 - The Angles played a doubleheader on June 22, beating the Angels in Game 1. Whitlock smashed a triple and a double while bringing in three runs. Murphy also had an RBI single. David Kopriva celebrated his birthday with a double. Will Baran, Jason Flynn, Crouch, Reed Thompson and Frank Fee all had singles. On defense, Nick Bartholf caught a hard hit to second. Murphy connected with Finco for another exciting out. Whitlock grabbed a fly ball to right.

Angels 11, White Sox 6 - The Angels' lucky number was 11 again for their second game of the evening. The bats were definitely hot as Flynn wowed the fans with his first grand slam home run. Crouch also hit a triple. Flynn connected again with a double as did Hunter Brame, Finco and Whitlock. Bartholf hit an RBI single and Thompson also had an RBI. Murphy, Fee, Crouch, Finco and Thompson also contributed singles.

World League

Surf Dawgs 5, Red Hawks 1 - The first half of the June 4 game was scoreless. Then came the fourth inning and the Surf Dawgs got their game on. They had two 2-run doubles by Max Adamczyk and Ben Monty. Outfielders Collin Stiff and Oliver Sgrignuoil each grabbed a pop fly out.

Surf Dawgs 10, T-Bones 9 - On June 19 the Surf Dawgs scored the winning run in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Surf Dawgs' Liam Phillips hit a triple and Nolan Harris hit a single. They also had great fielding as Brady Ingbretson pitched a 1-2-3 inning and caught a pop fly out to end one inning.

Catfish 8, Surf Dawgs 6 - The Surf Dawgs had some amazing defense and hitting. Gabe Anguil caught a pop fly out and then turned it into a double play at first. Anguil and Adamczyk both had an RBI and Adamczyk also had the first home run of the season.

Muckdogs 18, Ironbirds 9 - Catcher Michael Zidanic had an amazing defensive play as catcher; in the fourth inning he threw off his mask to grab a pop up to get the Ironbirds a much needed out. Michael also had two hits. Brady Wawrzyniakowski and Finn Somers each had three hits and an RBI. Calvin Schwake also had three hits. Parker Schwake, Cameron Biggam and Jake Long each had two hits and an RBI. Annie Georgeson, Elliot Oquist, Jonathan Copenhaver and Carter Wilson each had a hit and an RBI.

Stingers 7, Bison 4 - The Stingers played another hard-fought game with good pitching, great defense and timely hitting. Murphy pitched two great innings, had an RBI and threw a base stealer out at third as the catcher. Henry Lehman and Wesley Miller each had two hits and an RBI. Miller also made a key play at first base. Mason Boeckeler hit an RBI single and on defense, he threw out a base stealer at third later in the game.

Rookie Division

Bullfrogs 11, Owlz 6 - Parker Wilke, Luke Cralle and Luke Ladd helped the Bullfrogs win with three hits apiece. Spencer Kim added two hits and two runs. Grant Matthai cleared the bases with a triple and Zach Peterson ended the game with a catch on the mound.




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