UW-Waukesha Continuing Education unveils its “Knowledge Revolution” Fall/Winter 2012-13 Offerings

July 26, 2012

Continuing Education is “For Every Stage of Life” by providing classes for personal enrichment, career development, and helping students reach their potential. UW-Waukesha Continuing Education’s Knowledge Revolution has a huge variety of courses to choose from. Registration is open for Fall/Winter 2012-13 classes before the catalog hits mailboxes.

For a sneak peek of classes, check out our website for a variety of fall/winter classes at
www.waukesha.uwc.edu/ce or call 262-521-5460.

Following is a sampling of class offerings.


NEW! Canoeing Adventure on the Bark RiverInstructor, Marlin JohnsonRun the river wild or take it easy on the water as you lose yourself in a relaxing 3-hour canoeing excursion down a por¬tion of the Bark River. Nature lovers will enjoy studying wetland plants, fish and aquatic insects. Canoes and other equip¬ment provided; shorts and old shoes for wading are advised for this hands-on adventure. Course is limited to 14 par¬ticipants so register early! Meet at UW-Waukesha Field Station located at W349 S1480 S. Waterville Road. (A map will be sent with registration confirmation.)
Sat, Sept 1, 9am-Noon, $24

NEW! Essential Oils for Health and Enjoyment Instuctor, Michel DeLisle
Enhance your health, beauty and well-being with essential oils. Discover what the basic properties of essential oils are and why they are nature’s most effective tools for stimulat¬ing and storing positive energy. Come away with therapeutic benefits for your body and mind for a balanced, healthy and harmonious life. Textbook required: Organic Beginner Essen¬tial Oil Kit by Edens Garden, $22.75 (Amazon.com)
M, Dec 10, 7:00pm-9:30pm, $19


Beginning and Intermediate Oil Painting Instructor, Gael Riverz
Discover the hidden artist within you! Oil painting is easier than you think, especially with one-on-one attention and guidance given to both the beginning and intermediate artist. Studies in still life, landscapes, and painting from photographs will be explored with painting demonstrations by the instructor. Make room on your wall for all of your beautiful creations!
T, Sept 11-Oct 23, 6:00-8:30pm, $119

NEW! Learn to Draw What You See Instructor, Joyce Eesley
Anyone can learn to draw! Step one: learn to draw what you see. We will start with the basics of shapes and progress into shading as we draw simple still life settings. You’ll be sur¬prised at how relaxing drawing can be!
Sat, Oct 6-Oct 27, 9:00am-Noon, $119


NEW! Piano Adventures for Adults Instructor, Diana Shapiro
Did you miss out on piano lessons as a child or have forgotten every¬thing you learned? Adult beginners will love this class that covers note reading, rhythm recognition, proper hand position, chords, and learning to play classical and traditional favorites. More practice time in class and personal instruction, at $13 a class who can beat that! Textbook required.
F, Sept 28–Dec 21, 6:00pm–7:30pm, $149
(No class Nov 23)

Beginner Swing Dance Instructor, Catherine Binko
So you think you can dance? Well, then, you gotta SWING dance! Swing is lively, upbeat, and the perfect dance for a wide variety of music from big band, blues, to rock n’ roll. Mostly performed in one spot, it is quite convenient on a crowded dance floor. You’ll learn the Hustle, dance to slower Swing music, and the Jitterbug for fast tempo songs that will get your heart pumping. To swing dance you’ll need a partner, a sense of humor, and a bit of endurance. Always remember, wear comfortable shoes. Now let’s go swinging!
Sun, Oct 7-28, 1:00pm-2:00pm, $80 per couple


Italian I for Travelers
Instructor, Valentina De Navasques
Ciao! Learn to speak, understand, read, and write basic phrases and gain knowledge of Italian in one of our most popular classes. Students will obtain vocabulary, practice for casual conversation and explore the culture of Italy as you ready yourself for a trip abroad, or for the love of all things Italian. Textbook required: Italian Demystified 2nd edition, Marcel Danes, ISBN 978-0-07-175601-3 approx. $20.
T, Sept 18-Nov 20, 6:00pm-8:00pm, $129

Beginning German I
Instructor, Pamela Tesch
Do you want to carry on short conversations in German? Maybe you need to travel for business or for a fellowship? If so, bring your German-English dictionary and get ready to learn! Discover how to make new contacts, orient yourself to the workplace, plan weekends, order at restaurants, and ask for directions. Textbook required: Aussichten Teilband A1.1: Kurs-und Arbeitsbuch: Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Erwachsene, Olga Swerlowa, Lourdes M. Ros-El Hosni, Kerstin Reinke, ISBN 978- 3-12-676205-2 approx. $20
T, Sept 18-Oct 23, 6:00pm-7:30pm, $89


Thai Chi: Build Your Physical and Mental Body Relationship
Instructor, Jeff Ponasik
Say goodbye to sweat! Say hello to feeling cool, calm, and refreshed with the flowing movements of Tai Chi. Direct energy flow and help gain mastery of body, breath and mind while giving your whole body a gentle and relaxing workout. All ages and fitness levels welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing. Class held at Wellness Fitness Coop, 2442 N Grandview Rd, across from Masters Z’s.
T, Oct 2-23, 7:00pm-8:00pm, $79

Past, Present, and Future Lives
Instructor, Jerry Schatz
Déjà vu or a glimpse into a past-life? You be the judge. We will look in great detail at the potential to incarnate in more than one time period and how past life recall can give us valuable insights into our past, present and future lives. Using the technology of Hemi-Sync, a combination of music, verbal guidance or subtle sound effects for relax¬ation and a viewing mechanism, we will discover lessons necessary for our spiritual evolution. CDs and supplies are required, please see our website for more details.
W, Nov 7-Dec 12, 6:00pm-8:00pm, $59


NEW! Flowers in a Fall Garden Instructor, Chris Jourdan
Discover the beauty of flower photography! Get up close and personal with flowers in a Fall Garden setting; this class will take you through the technical skills of macro or close up pho-tography. Then we’ll take what we’ve learned to the Boerner Botanical Garden to put it to practice in a field shoot with instructor on hand for questions and help. Back to the class¬room for our last meeting for a class slideshow and critique on the photos taken. Students are responsible for admission and parking at the Boerner Botanical Gardens.
Th, Sept 27-Oct 4, 6:00pm-9:00pm, $99
Sat, Sept 29, 9:00am-1:00pm, Field Trip

NEW! Camera RAW-Shooting and Processing RAW Format Pictures
Instructor, Chris Jourdan
Want to start shooting “RAW” or have a bunch of “RAW” files on your PC? From camera settings to downloading and opening RAW files, discover techniques for shooting, downloading, sort¬ing, and developing those “RAW” files into works of art. Edit the RAW data to get the best image possible. Learn to process and save. Learn how to save presets you can apply later in batch processes. Class will be working with Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements.
M, Nov 5-19, 6:00pm-9:00pm, $99


NEW! World War II: The History I Wish I Had Learned in School Instructor, Pat Gardner
Blood, sweat and tears and December 7, 1941, the “date which will live in infamy.” America’s “greatest generation” engaged the Axis on land, at sea and in the air in the greatest conflict known to mankind. World War II aficionados will explore a comprehensive framework and grasp the immensity of conflict through documentary, audio and visual resources, artifacts and personal experiences of veterans. Those with a family tie to this war will learn to develop tools to capture and archive veterans’ stories before the voices are silenced.
M, Sept 10-Oct 15, 7:00pm-9:00pm, $89

Be a Clown–The World Loves a Clown
Instructor, Maryann Ingbretson (Blossom)
Make people happy…be a CLOWN! Acquire the skills and tech¬niques of becoming a clown as you share your humor and caring and sharing abilities with others. Begin with make-up, costume and apparel techniques. Learn about clown ethics and etiquette, terminology and clowning history, followed by the business aspects of the clowning profession. Explore juggling, magic, props, parade ability and face painting as we look into the art of caring clown¬ing. Finish with a clown performance at a local nursing home and graduation from our Fall Clown Class.
T, Sept 18-Oct 23, 6:30-8:30pm, $99


Mastering iPad Basics (iPad 2 and 3)
Instructor, Dave Rebro
Explore the wonderful world of the Apple iPad 2 and iPad 3 and get the most out of your new toy! You will leave the class knowing how to use apps, gesturing, customizing home screen, typing, adding content, using settings, as well as troubleshooting common device issues and setting up iPad security. Everything you need to know in one basic workshop! Bring a friend! Prerequisite: Must have email and active iTunes account.
T, Oct 9-16, 6:30pm-9:00pm, $89

Protecting Your Privacy Online
Instructor, Brian Oswald
Are you curious to know what others may learn about you from your use of the Internet? Concerned about shopping or banking online? In this class, we will look at how secure (or insecure) the Internet is and discuss ways of protecting yourself and your personal information online.
Sat, Oct 20, Noon-4:00pm, $39


NEW! Keys to Building a Winning Team
Instructor, Kevin Moore
The key to success…build a winning team! In six steps, business managers can build effective, productive organizations. Learn lessons in leadership by using a formulaic approach, conscientiously applied, improving the odds of developing and perpetuating a top per¬forming team.
T, Sept 25-Oct 30, 6:00pm-8:00pm, $119

NEW! You Can Save for Retirement!
Instructor, Charles Winn
Feeling unsure and uncertain about retirement? Even if you only save $10 a week or month, you are doing better than most Americans! Uncover strategies on how to find money in your budget to save! 100% success rate guaranteed! You don’t want to miss this one!
Th, Nov 1, 6:00pm-8:00pm, $29


The Book of Mormon Theatre Package With Vic Passante
The Book of Mormon won nine Tony Awards in 2011, including Best Musical and the tickets are hot in New York, selling for over $400! We’ve got a great deal with Broadway in Chicago, where you can be one of the first to see the show on tour—for an INCREDIBLE price! We have reserved 55 orchestra seats for February 16, 2013. This irreverent lampoon, written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Comedy Central’s South Park follows two Mormon missionaries to a village in northern Uganda. Theatre package includes tickets for best seats in the house, coach transportation from campus, and lunch. Be fair warned–Parker and Stone challenge good taste, religion and all things sacred. Tickets are going fast…don’t pass this fantastic Broadway show!
Sat, Feb 16, 2013, approximately $180 (Tickets going fast! Register today!)
$50 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot


NEW! Willkommen! Hearty German Dishes Instructor, Staci Joers
German feasts at restaurants such as Mader’s, Karl Ratzsch’s, Usingers and the Gasthaus are a hit with the German influence and heritage in Wisconsin, and why not, the food is hearty and delicious! If you think German cuisine is limited to bratwurst and beer, you may be surprised to learn that each region in Germany has its own specialties and variations. Sample Ger¬man delights such as Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing, Beef Rouladen, Spaetzle, Braised Red Cabbage, and Simple Black Forest Torte. You don’t have to be German to learn how to make these inspired meals and with the recipes provided you are well on your way to discover why this food is so popular.
W, Oct 17, 6:30pm-9:00pm, $39

NEW! Holiday Entertaining in Style
Instructor, Staci Joers
This year take your holiday gathering to the next level and be “Top Chef” by wowing your family and friends with a menu they will never forget. Easy and elegant, these innovative recipes will tempt your taste buds and have your guests begging for recipes as you’ll sample Pork Crown Roast with Wisconsin Brat & Apricot Stuffing, Roasted Garlic Squash with Crispy Sage and Brown Butter, and Milk Chocolate-Caramel Tart with Hazelnuts & Espresso.
W, Dec 12, 6:30pm-9:00pm, $39


Get JAZZED!!! (Grades 7-10)
Instructor, Harry Abramowitz
Learn to play swing arrangements, classic jazz tunes and the basics of im¬provisation. Requirements are: 1 year playing experience, Scales-Concert F, Bb, Eb, one octave, memorized, have an instrument, capable of reading 8th note rhythms and must be willing to attend all rehearsals and performances. All instruments welcome.
Th, Sept 20-Oct 25, 5:30pm-6:30pm, $89

Chinese Immersion for Kids! (Grades 1-5)
Instructor, Yan Peng
Kids immerse themselves in the world of Chinese culture! Learn colors, numbers and simple phrases in this interactive class through games, sounds and instruction. No prior Chinese required.
W, Oct 3-Dec 12, 4:00pm-5:00pm, $89


American Home Inspector’s Training Institute
Become a Home Inspector! UW-Waukesha Continuing Education and American Home Inspectors Training Institute have joined to offer you the best home inspection training available. This is a great opportunity for people wanting to own their own business or to get training to work for an established home inspection company. Register online or call our of¬fices to obtain more information regarding this class. Please provide your name, address, email, and phone in order for a representative to contact you. Weekend classes held at UW-Waukesha.
Session One: F-Sun, Sept 7-9, $1,795
Session Two: F-Sun, Nov 30-Dec 2, $1,795
Online Home Study: $995


New! Facebook for Business: Advanced Skills for Businesses and OrganizationsInstructor, Jennifer Selke
Find out what goes on behind the scenes on Facebook Pages and increase the chances that your message is seen and act¬ed on. Discover new tools and proven techniques to expand your reach. This is an advanced class and assumes you have started a Page on Facebook and have some basic knowledge of the platform. Includes the most current updates Facebook has made to Pages.
Online, $245

NEW! Certificate in Customer Service Instructors, Nanette Sanders-Cobb and Fred Bayley
Customer service is now essential for business and all work organizations. With the increase of technology, the human interaction with customers becomes all the more important. Good customer service is now one of the central factors in organizational success.
Online, $245
Join the "Knowledge Revolution" and take command of your life!
Check out the many possibilities offered through Continuing Education
Web site: www.waukesha.uwc.edu/ce


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