Wauwatosa Catholic School

Wauwatosa Catholic will be the first Catholic International Baccalaureate K3 to 8th grade school in this area. It is a new school opening in the fall of 2011, sponsored by St. Pius X and St. Bernard Parishes. This blog will update the community on its newest school. Visit www.wauwatosacatholic.org for more information.

Going First

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It's scary being the one who chooses to go first.  Be it the first one who hops on the latest rollercoaster, the first to say, "I'm sorry", or the first to say, "I love you."  Some would agree that being the first to taste this blogger's cooking would be the most scary of them all!

Wauwatosa Catholic School~opening in the fall of the 2011-2012 school year~ is going to be the first of its kind.  WCS is more excited than nervous to be a part of a community that is watching as we dive into uncharted waters for the Wauwatosa area.  We ask for your prayers and support as two families become one while we work together to fulfill our mission. 

*Our Mission*

Wauwatosa Catholic School will serve a diverse community of learners who live Christ centered lives, are developing as leaders, learning to serve, excelling academically while striving to create a better world.

We're hoping that this blog can be a forum documenting all the FIRSTS in this long-awaited, much talked-about beginning.

The formation of Wauwatosa Catholic School was preceded by six months of immediate planning, called Project Embrace, where parents and parish leaders from St. Pius X and St. Bernard came together to chart the future.  In December of 2010, Archbishop Listecki approved the plan of the pastors with the full support of the futuring team.  As with any major change, a wide range of emotions were evoked from both parish and school communities. However, God's Spirit gifted us with energy to address our emotions with Wisdom, Fortitude, Understanding, Knowledge, Piety, Counsel and Wonder and Awe in the Holy Spirit.

Weeks later, a principal was named for this new partnership.


Fast forward to the present.  Many, many joint parent meetings, joint parish leadership meetings have taken place and continue to take place at both parish facilities.  Principal Julia D'Amato plans to have families and students MEET AND GREET Wauwatosa Catholic School's new faculty members WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Griffey Center at 1500 Wauwatosa Avenue.  Students are enrolling, committees are forming, volunteers are signing up, tours are being given, students are shadowing, telephone and in-person inquiries are being welcomed each day.

This blogger would be remiss to fail to mention that it is also a time when both St. Pius X and St. Bernard School communities will see their respective, historic schools end one last school year.  Certainly, this does not come without shedding a few tears and, sadly, saying a few goodbyes. 

However, Wauwatosa Catholic School intends to be the first International Baccalaureate Catholic Elementary School in Wisconsin.  It will be the first Catholic school in Wauwatosa operating with the support of TWO parishes. 

Let us, the inaugural students, teachers, volunteers, parish members, leaders, pastors of Wauwatosa Catholic School be the FIRST to remember: 

With God behind us
and his arms beneath us

we can face whatever lies before us.


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