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Forest Exploration Center Goes Public

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Did you know that in the course of a year the average Tosan consumes 1,664 pounds of wood?

Yep.  Think of a log 18 inches across and 25 feet in length.  All in the form of paper towels, bathroom tissue, printer and copier paper, building materials, ketchup and more.

Each year Wisconsin's forests support more than $20 billion in direct industrial output and generate an additional $5 billion in recreational impacts.

Growing and harvesting trees provides direct employment for more than 65,000 men and women in this state and thousands of additional jobs in secondary, related employment.  Working forests are good for the environment providing a renewable resource, clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and carbon storage.

Today the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District held a press conference to announce the operational status of the flood water detention basins located on the County Grounds.

As a neighbor the newly incorporated non-profit Forest Exploration Center announced that they are now operational as well.

 MMSD photo

The State of Wisconsin owns 67 acres of woodland adjacent to the basin project (in the background below) and the Forest Exploration Center is expecting to have access to the site sometime by late summer or early fall.

 MMSD photo

The org is building momentum having formed a Governing Board and hiring a part-time Executive Director in recent months.

The Center will have the distinctive opportunity to educate the public about the unique role that forests play in water quality as well as working with communities throughout southeastern Wisconsin as it becomes known as the preeminent forest education destination in the region.  Inspiring and engaging individuals of all ages about the economic, ecological, social and cultural importance of Wisconsin's forests.

You can learn more at and on Facebook.

Edit - Additional coverage of the basins hereAnd hereAnd here too.

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