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A Roommate Moves In

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I have been leading a semi-bachelor existence lately.  Jill and the dogs are up at the farm and I'm in Tosa doing my day job with once-a-week commutes to and from to make the pack whole again.

Truthfully, four or five days away from my girls can be down-right lonely at times.

This past week things got a little less lonely when a roommate moved in.

This little fella - with legs that reach about the circumference of a dime - moved into the bathroom sink. 

Seriously, this arachnid has been living in the sink for almost a week now.

Why a spider would take up residence in such an exposed and dangerous location when there are plenty of nooks, crannies and a large basement to choose from is beyond me.  I cannot even think of anything in the sink that is worth eating.

Nevertheless, this eight-legged critter has a keen sense of self-preservation.  Turn on the water and it skedaddles to the rim.  Brush your teeth and it graciously moves aside.  Same for washing your hands.  Trim your beard and it will skitter closely to inspect a severed whisker.  I suppose some of my more squeamish readers would have squashed this cootie and flushed it down the drain.  Not me.  It's been a daily source of amusement and become a personal challenge to see how long Mister or Missus spider is going to stick around.  

Last Wednesday I thought I lost my little friend when it got swept into the drain.  But when I returned at the end of the day it was back - dangling from the faucet by a strand of silk.

Any arachnologists out there that can identify it? 

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