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Affordable Care Act Upheld - Heads Explode

Affordable Care Act, Freeloaders, Health Insurance, Strange But True

I admit that I was surprised to learn that the Supreme Court of the United States upheld most of the Affordable Care Act today.  If you'd have asked me yesterday what the odds were of that happening I'd have suggested slim to none.

The messaging has now commenced and GOP heads are exploding over THE TAX.

That would be the penalty tax you pay for not purchasing health insurance.

Sure, I know that Obama avowed it was not a tax.  If you're a thinking individual you'd know that if it walks like a tax and quacks like a tax - it's a tax.  It always has been a tax.  It is also a voluntary tax.  If you choose to be irresponsible and not purchase health insurance from the private sector you are subject to the tax.

Life is full of choices.

Romney sold this concept in Massachusetts as a 'tax on the freeloaders'

If you're a responsible person like me who has insurance and you're a thinking person - then you already know that we pay a hidden tax in the form of higher premiums to compensate for the care received by the uninsured freeloaders of our society.

It's a strange world indeed when the GOP becomes the defender of freeloaders.  I must've woken-up this morning in an alternate dimension...

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