Christmas in July... and August... and September...

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Well, it has to start sometime. A mere six months and a few weeks before the actual holiday, Christmas has returned.

Tomorrow, Hallmark will celebrate its Christmas ornament premiere. Right now it’s in the high 70’s and there are still Fourth of July decorations up. It seems a bit out of place to me.

What I find most interesting is that there is literally over half of a year until Christmas, so as far as Hallmark is concerned, more time should be spent in anticipation of Christmas than not. It seems that as its beginning gets pushed further and further back, the Christmas season will cease to be a season, but instead will become American culture. How long can a holiday go on and still be considered a holiday?

But to be honest, I’m not really opposed to Christmas starting early. I think that the length of the season is bizarre, but I admit that I do put on the Christmas radio station as soon as it begins its familiar, happy music. I’ve learned that the key is moderation, though; I have experienced what it’s like to get burnt out before Christmas. A few years ago I worked at Macy’s in the Christmas department. Imagine starting in October with twenty to thirty hours per week of nothing but ornaments, trees, stockings, and Rudolf. By the time December 25 came around, saying that I was ready for it all to be over was an understatement.

I guess we should just be grateful that this Christmas has waited at least until all of the decorations from the last one have been put away. Hallmark’s premiere is the first that I’ve heard of any beginning to the holiday season, but has anyone seen anything else yet?

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